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about the program

With the global health crisis that has severely impacted the economy, many dedicated employees have
lost jobs and have lost their means of livelihood. IDRAK stands by the Kuwaitization initiative to support
talented Kuwaitis in their quest for employment and also supports other members of the highly skilled
community to progress their careers.

IDRAK’s Solidarity Program is created by the people for the people. In alignment with our corporate
culture, IDRAK has designed a “Solidarity Program” to support candidates in our community – to help them
in their quest for employment. They key objective is to support qualified people to
find sustainable employment, develop new skills and gain experience that is helpful to their careers and
their family’s sustainability.

Eligible candidates will be socially promoted on all IDRAK’s social media accounts for one full week to
provide ample exposure needed to help them secure jobs. Full disclosure and transparency will be
provided, and recruiters will be permitted to contact these candidates directly.

eligibility requirements

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