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about us

Consider us an extension of your own HR team-sourcing, focused on matchmaking talents.

Who are we?

Welcome to IDRAK Talent Acquisition (ITA), a leading headhunting enterprise specializing in staffing for the GCC’s Education, Healthcare, and Corporate/Leadership sector.

Our key stakeholders are clients looking to hire staff and talented candidates open to new career opportunities.

At ITA, we take pride in our proactive headhunting model and our ability to map out the perfect growth environment for our candidates. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships that prioritize compatibility, competency, and cultural understanding. As Peter Drucker said, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," and we make it our mission to ensure that our clients and candidates are well-matched in terms of cultural fit.

Our team of experts provide exceptional service and customized solutions to help our clients and candidates achieve their goals. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the Talent Acquisition process by prioritizing cultural fit and long-term success for both organizations and individuals.

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Corporate Culture


Our mission at ITA is to deliver bespoke talent solutions that foster cultural synergy and drive organizational success in the GCC.



We strive to be the trusted headhunting firm for a variety of industries in the GCC region, known for our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and successful long-term partnerships.


Integrity – We uphold the highest ethical standards and value honesty and transparency in all our relationships and projects.

Empathy – We actively listen to our clients' needs to find the right fit for their culture, while equally valuing the talents' preferences for their ideal work environment. Our goal is to ensure both parties are satisfied with the placement.

Proactivity – We pride ourselves on being proactive in headhunting the right candidates for each role.

Innovation – We believe in taking organizations to new heights by sharing our knowledge of market trends and career advice. Bringing in the right talent to help an organization grow is crucial, and we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve.

Community – We inspire a sense of community both internally as a team and externally in the work that we do, as we believe it is very rewarding to support people in their times of need. As a proud member of the GCC community, we also champion nationalization initiatives to support nationals of the GCC in their quest for employment or in their efforts to hiring GCC nationals.


our Areas of specialty

Holding a Book


At IDRAK Talent Acquisition (ITA), we specialize in headhunting educators for the private sector in the GCC (schools and universities). Our talent acquisition process aims to identify and attract engaging and talented educators across all subjects and levels for British, American, Montessori and IB curriculum schools and private universities. 

We prioritize cultural and legal requirements in our selection process and strive to hire global qualified staff with excellent levels of English standards. 

ITA currently supports over 70 private schools in the GCC with British, American, Montessori and IB curricula to headhunt educators from 20+ diverse countries worldwide. We are also qualified to support universities in the region.

Areas of Specialty
Operating Countries

Operating Countries

ITA is headquartered in Kuwait and has offices the UK, Qatar and Lebanon. We specialize in proactively headhunting for GCC countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, KSA, Iraq, and Oman, as well as other GCC locations.

We employ candidates from all corners of the globe covering over 20 countries, depending on client preferences.

Our Track record

Education: We are currently supporting 70 private British, American, and IB curriculum schools in the GCC, including countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, Iraq, and others.

Healthcare: Our team provides highly skilled staff for private hospitals and clinics in Kuwait, including headhunting Kuwait's top healthcare professionals. We are currently expanding our services to other GCC countries to offer the same level of staffing expertise.


Corporate/Leadership: We offer tailored headhunting services to support large enterprises in the GCC in hiring mid to senior-level staff.

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